2020 – Family stuff (sort of): The Minnesota Contingent + a small collection

(ignore May 1, 2017 publish date – this was published on June 23, 2020)

This picture is from the last time I saw these cousins all together – 1998………….and it wasn’t taken in MN or NJ or NY. It was taken with their tootsies in the Atlantic Ocean in Emerald Isle, NC.

They don’t all currently live in MN, but they might be surprised to learn that I have a MN collection.

It’s a small collection and I’ve been looking for a way to present it and blending in a family connection is all I could come up with, so thanks, guys!

Conveniently for me, the impetus for this collection is the very city I live in and if you thought you’ve heard a ton about Hackensack, NJ, get ready for:




Yes, there is such a place and wouldn’t you know………….it was founded by two guys from Hackensack, NJ.

Unlike the NJ version, whose population is pushing 45,000, the MN one is just over 300. Its literature says it’s the gateway to lake paradise (127 lakes within a 10-mile area? I guess so.)……….a “land of summer comfort”.

Its most-famous “resident” was born in the early 1950s, is 17’ tall and she’s Paul Bunyan’s “sweetheart”. Until around 1991 when her head blew off during a storm, she was VERY homely, had no hands (arms were joined at the wrists) and had a HUGE sideways bulge in her “skirt(?)” in the right knee area. I couldn’t tell you if she was hiding some sort of monstrous growth or maybe the football team was in there.


Oh, HER NAME!…………LUCETTE DIANA KENSACK! Long ago, there was a contest to name her and a woman from Iowa came up with the winning(?) entry (runner-up: “Landa Happy Waters”).

Fortunately, I don’t have to write everything I’ve learned about this place. I have TWO nearly-identical brochures from 1963 and 1969 (guess who’s on the cover):


When you partially open it, you get these two pages:

(a fishing contest held at a “hi-way trading post”?)


(an “Indian POW-WOW every Thursday night”?):


The centerfold (Baby Lake, Kid Lake, Woman Lake?) (click to enlarge):


The back cover:

I posted about this in 2009: http://www.hackensacknow.org/index.php/topic,1062

By the way………..her new face is a bit more human (and she has hands!), so I’m guessing that Paul visits more often now – especially now that there’s a Paul Jr standing next to her:


Well, I can honestly say that we’ve got nothing like ANY of that in my Hackensack.


On a somewhat less exciting note, I’ve also got a small Hackensack, MN postcard collection:


This is the front of that last card. According to the postmark, it was written 70 years ago:


We close the collection by raising this 4.75” glass to 17’ LDK and her severely-misshapen skirt:


Back to the cousins: their father was my uncle AND my godfather. For some reason, he didn’t seem to appreciate me calling him “godfuncle” (“Simon and…………”?)


That minor bit of creativity is his own damn fault. He wrote lots of personal stories and is the relative from whom I inherited the writing bug (thanks, Joe!).



(And on a personal note from eldest son to eldest son…………I’m still hoping to enjoy that story of his I asked about regarding his trip to NJ in 1997.)



As for the rest of you out there, for putting up with this, I promise not to write about Hackensack Mountain in Warrensburg, NY or New Hackensack, NY, which is part of the town of Wappinger, which also includes the village of Wappingers Falls, where I once lived for 9 months in 1969.




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  1. Lisa Lake June 23, 2020

    Ok Bob,
    Let’s publish a book! You have so much archival content.

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