2020 – Collections: THAI TAX, etc.

(ignore May 1, 2017 publish date – this was published on July 1, 2020)


So what were you expecting – this?


“Tie Tacks” just looks really boring to me…………..and – for the most part – these are fairly unboring.

In the collection, I found some non-TT flatties (the “etc.”), so let’s get them out of the way.


From GM in 1954:


From my career camera brand and my state:


I think the Hackensack one – which commemorates a very sad day when five of Hackensack’s bravest lost their lives – was a tie tack because a mark in the middle of the flip side appears to show where a post had broken off:


Same thing with this former TT:


This is a 1.5” pin:


…..and here’s its story:

Dunno where I got it.


I don’t think I’ve ever used a TT with an actual tie, but maybe 3 or 4 of them have found their way onto my cap, particularly one ol’ reliable that’s been on it for two decades.

“What’s that gold thing on your cap?”


“Something I found on eBay.”


I even found a backup (bottom left), but I have no idea what the initials originally stood for:


This is the longest at 3.25”:


…followed by the sub at a little over 2.5”:

I can’t imagine what kind of occasion would be appropriate for either of those two on a tie (Haters of ’57 Chevys? Lovers of Russian subs?).


I’m not Canadian, but I AM a Leafe:


Is this supposed to show an outline of New Jersey? Or some unidentified region that’s familiar to no one? Either way, it looks severely misshapen:


Other NJ TTs:



Felix the Cat & Felix the Car (it’s in LA):


Pin the tail on the………target?




I don’t wanna know what this is:


I think I know what these are:


Oops! I missed one of their friends. The Yankees seem to be vouching for her (“OK”):

By the way, “OK” was Chevrolet’s Used Car Division when I was growing up. This logo was everywhere:


Jesters and Sliders:


Reddy Kilowatt and Bendix:

Reddy Kilowatt is a cartoon character that acted as corporate spokesman for electricity generation in the United States and other countries for over seven decades. He is drawn as a stick figure whose body, limbs, and hair are made of stylized lightning bolts and whose bulbous head has a light bulb for a nose and wall outlets for ears.

As for the other one, my grandmother worked at the Eclipse-Pioneer Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation in Teterboro, NJ.


Reddy seems to be selecting an underage cheerleader to hang out with instead of Yosemite Sam or SantaSpidey:


Looks like a ring, but it’s a TT:


SKYY vodka brings you “A Drunken Kodak Cat” on RTL-TV, co-sponsored/co-mixed by/with 7Up (“I’ll have a Seven and SKYY”):


Bob’s Big Boy sits on Bob (ouch!):


You KNOW I have to have a couple of music-related ones, right?:


After the ride, throw potato salad at the clown (what else can you read into this?):


The week leading up to Y2K (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Y2K):


It’s TIME to buy an IMPALA that has a full tank of AMOCO?


A CADILLAC TAXI with a Chevy 427 engine?


I’d be hard-pressed to think of an occasion where this would work well with a tie (this IS a TT and not a pin):


I have no idea where this/these came from (maybe the tooth fairy?), but if someone wears this on their tie……………


…………I’m wearing this on mine:




  1. Barbara July 1, 2020

    Every Ebay Seller is SALIVATING at this Posting! including myself 🙂

  2. Jeanette July 3, 2020

    But ain’t that a Checker cab next to Cadillac pin??

    Thanks for the fun!


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