2010 – From Felix the Cat to Mister Met

I put this together from things in my living room. I’ve always liked Felix the Cat and have a few Felix items hanging around.

At one time LONG ago, I had a minor interest in becoming a pharmacist (I became a chemist – close enough, especially since pharmacists in England are called chemists and my paternal grandfather came from England).

One day, I was searching eBay for mortars & pestles – which represent pharmacy – and found this amazing one that said “SIT FELIX”. Holy crap! That goes perfectly with my Felix stuff.

When I got it, I sat Felix right inside the mortar by “SIT FELIX” (DUH – they were made for each other).

Friends have asked me why a pharmacist’s mortar would say “SIT FELIX” on it. Fortunately, I had taken 3 years of Latin and knew that the mortar wasn’t suggesting that Felix have a seat inside it.

It says, “BE HAPPY”.

Does Felix look happy?




I took this shot of a rainbow from my living room. Yeah, it’s weak, but it’s a FULL rainbow and how often does one get to shoot something like that from home?




Also from home – but facing southwest instead of east – I got a colorful shot of my majestic next-door-neighbor-steeple and a crescent moon.




ANOTHER home shot! (why do you think I’ve never wanted to move in the 3 decades I’ve lived here so far?) On this particular 4th of July, Macy’s fireworks were shot from 5 barges in the Hudson River at least 10 miles from me, yet I got all 5’s fireworks at once.




Earlier that same night, I had gone to the George Washington Bridge to get a shot of the world’s largest hanging US flag AND the fully-illuminated tower. The usual south pedestrian GWB walkway was closed (to keep thousands of people from jamming it to see the Macy’s fireworks later on downriver), but the north walkway was open.

It’s much harder to access that walkway, but when I finally did, I saw no flag. I asked a bridge guard and he said that it had just been rolled up a few minutes earlier.


I had to settle for a flip phone shot of the tower, which looks good, but it could have looked so much better.

Thankfully, I got back home in time to get the Macy’s shot seen above.




These are 7 flip phone shots of the Great Falls in Paterson, NJ (which has subsequently become a National Park).

The statue in the second shot is that of everyone’s new friend, Alexander Hamilton, who saw this scene and realized the potential of the falls and eventually made Paterson a great industrial power.

I’m not crazy about these images, but that’s mainly because there are much better ones in next year’s post.
















Every year since 2009 or 2010, Osprey aircraft have become a common sight around here during the week leading up to Memorial Day because they use nearby Teterboro Airport as a base while they participate in various holiday activities in the NY/NJ area.

Their engines are loud and distinctive, so it’s easy to know when they’re coming and get a shot of them in the air…………….but I wanted to take pictures of them on the ground, so I headed on over to Teterboro.

Luckily, there was one on the ground when I got there. I wasn’t allowed on the tarmac, but it was parked pretty close to a fence, so I shot through the fence:




In this shot, it appeared at first that some mechanics might be working on an engine, but I was shocked to see that the HEAD mechanic wearing the oversized safety sneakers was the NY Mets’ mascot, Mr. Met!

I have no idea what he was doing there at that moment and it’s probably better that way because no explanation can be funnier or more shocking than just seeing this picture and saying, “WTF?”.


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