2020 – Halloween Graffiti (and Stupid Fish Crows) at Union St Park

(Ignore May 1, 2017 publish date – this was published on October 20, 2020)

As far as I’m concerned, fish crows are the dopiest birds ever. The literature will tell you otherwise, but I think we could do just fine without these fighting-over-garbage loudmouths.

I’ve written about their stupidity elsewhere on this blog, but lately, we’ve been inundated with them.

A few days ago, (it seemed like) hundreds of them were flying around my building and screaming their sounds-like somebody-stepped-on-a-duck squawk non-stop.

This was the view – and sound (crank it up) – from my living room (you can hear a real crow at the 0:30 mark):



I live on Union St in Hackensack. On the other end of the street – about a mile away – is Union St Park, which has two large walls that’ve had organized graffiti on them for years. The artists are really talented and I enjoy shooting it.

I haven’t been there in ages, but I happened to pass by there today and decided to renew acquaintances with the art there.

Wouldn’t you know that the only other living beings in the small park were a herd of freakin’ fish crows. They made fools of themselves on park benches and generally just flew around with beak-selected garbage and wallowed in the receptacles.


Classy bunch.


On to the stars of the show………..

I did a “best-of” of one wall:


……….and a photo stitch of the entire other wall (click twice to enlarge):


Something for the artists to crow about (groan), for sure.



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