2020 – Dear Santa…………

(ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on December 17, 2020)


Actually, this is from a little earlier than 2020:



I wonder why my mother had to write the year on the second page. I think I did a fairly good semi-legible version on Page 1.

#2 – Not sure about this one. I must have wanted that for my mother…………uh, yeah – that’s it.

#6 – How did I know?

#15 – I had to Google this one to find out what it was.

#16 – What?

I’m sure a shrink would have a field day with the variety of my wants, but I’m also sure that every other kid did the same thing at that age.

And yes – I’m aware of the odd accentuation in part of my address at age 6, but remember: I was a “good boy” (and maybe kinda sorta still am).


Merry Christmas. I hope you all get everything on YOUR lists.






  1. Paul Kibbe December 17, 2020

    Merry Christmas Bob!
    Thanks for all the great memories and stories throughout the year.

  2. Elaine December 18, 2020

    Those are some pretty interesting gifts you’re asking for! A razor toy, cake mixes and a police uniform! You had a large array of interests growing up.
    No wonder you are who you are. Have a great Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year ! Thanks for keeping in touch, your conversations are also always very interesting.

  3. carol ross December 18, 2020

    memories of christmas pasts are essential in our lives – good, bad or indifferent………….

  4. John OTOOLE December 18, 2020

    Happy Christmas Bob!

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