2021 – Parental Glassware

                                                                           (ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on May 25, 2021)


I came across these two cardboard boxes recently. One looked like it might be interesting (“Color magic in Glass – HOUZE ART”) and the other did not:


Let’s open them up:


The interesting one contained 4 glasses, but no “Color Magic”…………..just white. The boring one held 6 glasses that appeared to be blank (double yawn).


Closeups – Interesting Glasses

What was shown on these glasses was advertising and classified ads from almost 100 years ago as they appeared in our local newspaper, but there’s already an error on the first glass. It says “As Advertised in 1925-1929 The Record”.

Our local newspaper IS The Record, but in 1925-1929, it was The Bergen Evening Record. It didn’t become The Record until 1960:


The rest of that glass showed ads for overcoats, suits, and A&P supermarkets (cigarettes for $1.15 a carton!):


The next glass was the Classifieds. Note that it says “The Record on the first pic and “Bergen Evening Record” on the top of the second one. The date of this paper was October 31, 1925:


Glass #3 was all about Fords and ladies’ winter coats. It was hard to read what was printed under the car and blowing that part up (bottom of the second image) didn’t help much:


The last glass was all about real estate lots for sale on this side of the proposed “Fort Lee Bridge” over the Hudson River (which eventually became the George Washington Bridge).

Note that it says that the lots are in Westwood – between Englewood and Hackensack”. Westwood is NOT between Englewood and Hackensack (Teaneck is) and the area where it says, “PROPERTY TO BE SOLD” appears to cover Bergenfield, Dumont and New Milford (it’s of little consequence to out-of-staters, but the locals will be up in arms…………..trust me).

I’ve included a couple of blowups of the map:

I have an extensive GWB collection and have a section of a blog post about it that covers this investment frenzy, if anyone’s interested: https://iaintjustmusic.bobleafe.com/?p=8341


Well, so much for the “good” box, which I’m guessing was a maternal acquisition.


Alright – let’s get this boring box of 6 blank glasses over with……………………….



OMIGOD -a 1965 Chevy Impala!


A Chevy II……..


A Chevy truck!


A Chevelle! (I had almost forgotten about this car):


A Corvair Monza! (I had totally forgotten about this one):





Sorry, Record – you lose to the 56-year-old paternal acquisition. That could be why I didn’t bother washing the foursome (but did the six-pack).



I guess good things DO come in small (blank) packages.



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  1. Terri K May 25, 2021

    Loved this Bob! And I can imagine your excitement over the car glasses 😊. My favorite is the map glasses – even though no color, no magic.

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