2021 – Memorial Day- Cpl/Sgt Dad, pre/during/post WWII                

                      (ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on May 31, 2021)              


I recently found more pictures of my father from his time in the Army during WWII and after just finishing scanning them today – Memorial Day – thought it might be an appropriate time to post them.


This photo is undated, but it had to have been taken within a couple of years before he joined the Army – most likely senior year of high school or the year after:


Corporal Leafe, January, 1943, unknown location (click twice for full enlargement):


Same guy (and rank), July 3, 1943 – this scan came from a very dark and muddy-looking print………….this is the best I could get out of it. I’ve never seen him or any pictures of him with his hair parted in (or near) the middle. Who’s his barber, Moses?


The 4 corner pix are from the same January, 1943 shoot as two pix above. Click twice to fully enlarge and look real close just below the sun’s reflection in that front bumper and you might be able to make out the forms of 3 people – one of whom may be female).


The sideways middle left pic is dated May 2, 1944 at Scofield Barracks. Looking online, I found it listed as both “Scofield” and “Schofield” Barracks, with the latter being predominant. In any event, they’re both in Hawaii.


As you can see the sideways middle right shoulder-shrug shot has no date or location:


I found a cardboard folder from Denis Studio and inside was this undated photo of my father – in uniform – looking like he was wearing rouge. This used to happen a lot with hand-colored photos, but it also looks like it was applied to his forehead, chin, neck and most of his lower lip:


I unapplied the makeup:


The only information was found on the back of the folder (a date would have been helpful). Fort Ord was in California:


He made it out – uncaptured!


………………..but not for long:



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