2021 – Animules


                             (ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on August 20, 2021)


“Animals” for a title is boring (except for a Pink Floyd album). Somebody in my life must have called them “animules” a lot, so that’s what you’re stuck with for this post.

I found an “Animals (real ones)” folder in a pile of non-music folders that used to be in my file cabinets with all my music stuff. The words “real ones” had to be added because of the band folder that preceded it:


The same situation exists on my site. I shot The Animals once and an “Animals (real ones)” listing follows it. BTW – there are 24 more pictures of animals there, so if you like these, you may like the site ones even better.

But because my file cabinets were bursting, I had to pull all the non-music folders and pile them somewhere where I’ve ignored them for years. Plus, I’d like to sell the music archive some day, so it makes sense to just have only music stuff in the cabinets.


All of these were shot from 1976 – 1986 in NJ, NY, TN, FL, and CA.

I’m starting off with 4 pictures I took from my bedroom window in Teaneck NJ between 1981 and 1985…………SQUOILS!


This one’s doing pullups:


This guy looks stuck:


I never saw a squirrel scratching his back before, have you?


This one is interesting and was quite difficult to SEE, let alone capture on film. It was raining and dark out (but not at night). Somehow, I saw this guy doing what I guess squirrels do when it’s raining: Curl up on a branch against the main part of a tree, tuck his head in and put his tail over his back and head as a sort of useless umbrella:


The next two were taken in 1977 in that house in River Edge, NJ, I shared with a couple of friends and a bunch of cats (NOT mine!). Some looked evil and some were cute:


I photographed this dog in 1980 in the huge metropolis of Piney Flats, TN – a place you’ve probably never heard of:


I might need some help identifying these former animals (hot dogs?) I came across in 1981 while coming off Mt Tamalpais in Marin County, CA, right near the Golden Gate Bridge:


These next four pictures were taken in Florida in 1979.

TWO dolphins at once!


One dolphin feeding close up:


Not sure where in Florida I took these two:


I took this one in the vicinity of Montauk, NY, in 1977:


In 1978, I shot this on a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan, somewhere in the west 50s. Seems like an odd place to hitch up horses:


The next seven pictures were taken at the San Diego Zoo in 1981.



I think this is a gazelle (corrections always welcome):


Pretty sure this is a red panda:






An elephant sprays itself:


Searching for McNuggets:


Back to the bedroom window in Teaneck in 1986:


And back to Florida in 1979. Pelican appears to be singing and then expecting either applause or money:


Three pix of flamingoes in the San Diego Zoo in 1981…………

This is the only non-pink flamingo I saw there………..looks like it’s quite young. It must be really hard to learn how to walk with those backwards knees:


This one appears to be either hiding or snoozing on the left and then primping on the right:


This might be a female peafowl strutting past a pool full of lawn ornaments:


I saw a wild (smiling?) alligator from a boat I was on in some waterway in Florida in 1979. I’ll bet he’d like to be in that pool with a dozen pink flamingoes……….

That’s it.

Once again, check out the “Animals (real ones)” listing on https://bobleafe.com/ if you like this sort of thing.








  1. ANNE RASO August 20, 2021

    The shot of the squirrel doing a pull up is destined to become a meme. Maybe you can run a caption contest… but what will the prize be? A lifetime supply of acorns?!

  2. Carol ross August 20, 2021

    You should send to animal organizations, magazines etc

  3. John OTOOLE August 22, 2021

    The Montauk Horse is a beautiful shot. Love it!

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