2021 – Dogs and Balloons


(ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on September 5, 2021)


I’m forever seeing interesting things to shoot from my living room window and sometimes unexpected themes seem to emerge on certain days.

Last Saturday afternoon – August 28 – two unrelated themes seemed to pop up: Dogs (there seem many more of them these days being walked in the neighborhood) and balloons (decorating a stop sign, flying away and an object of theft).

I decided to merge the two themes.


There’s a reason why dogs are taken out for walks, as demonstrated in this first photo pair (dog drops, human picks up):


A little later and about 20’ from that spot, two women are festooning a stop sign by the parking lot’s exit with balloons and some sort of notice. It can’t be the sign’s birthday because it’s only been in the refurbished lot for about 5 weeks:


Curiosity got the better of me – I wanted to know what that notice said that warranted balloons, so I later went downstairs and took this shot:


Who are “The Maides” and why wasn’t I invited to what appeared to be a party?

A better question: How does an apartment numbered “511” exist on the second floor?


Hello! Is this one of “The Maides”?

I’d be happy to help her out with any spelling or math problems.


Oh, darn! They left before I could get back downstairs.


Meanwhile, a woman is being pulled apart by two mighty beasts, picks up after them……….AND STUFFS IT IN HER BACK POCKET!

Let’s hope she remembers it’s there before she sits down on her velvet couch.


Meanwhile, a family passing the decorated stop sign appears interested in obtaining one of the helium balloons – possibly for the toddler in the stroller, who appears to be reaching for one. Mom looks resigned to the fact that a theft is about to happen:


Separation from the stop sign has occurred as the pilferer shows his prize to Mom while he admires his reflection on the other side……….and he did it all with an edible in his other hand:


But Fumblefingers quickly loses the balloon and chases the ascending inflatable while trying to lure it back with his tasty treat:


The balloon was having none of it as it headed down Main St, flying past another source of edible temptation:


Disappointed, the family leaves, but Mom quickly doubles back to do the job right:


She turns to catch up with her family while keeping a firm grip on this balloon because it appears to be straining to join its liberated friend:


We finish the day on a happier note as a girl walks and plays with her cute dog:


The next morning, one of the women who had adorned the stop sign cleans up after herself, while wearing a “Champagne Happiness” shirt:


Must have been a fun night in Apartment 511.







  1. Anne Raso September 5, 2021

    Did you really help that attractive blonde girl out with her “math problems” then? I hate to say it but you might be old enough to be her great grandfather.

  2. Bob Leafe September 5, 2021

    How come you read THAT caption, but not the one right under it?

  3. Shannon September 7, 2021

    This is great lol

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