2021 – Heavy Metal……….One More Shot


                                                      (ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on October 15, 2021)


This will be a short and rather disjointed post that goes from a dumpster to an old photo pass to a crunched hotel and back to the dumpster. You’ve been warned.


So I’m sitting at my computer yesterday and I hear a strange noise outside. I don’t see anything, so I stick my head out the window to hear which direction it’s coming from……..


A little over to the right, I see sparks flying near an upside-down dumpster. I’ve seen this before: after years of being tossed around by garbage trucks, they get a little worn and need some metal patches.

Hey! This looks like it might be directly below my bedroom window. That could make for some interesting overhead shots from 7 floors up.

I look out the bedroom window………….perfect!

It’s almost 6:30pm and it’s starting to get dark, which is good because the best sparking shots need longer exposures – in this case 1/6 sec. Hand-held, that might be a problem, but I can steady the camera against the outside wall.

Here’s what I got (click twice to fully-enlarge – you may need to then scroll vertically):

I think this is my new favorite shot (and notice the lone butt spark).


Whaddaya think? I think this 33-year-old photo pass’s credit finally makes sense:


By the way, the Vista Hotel no longer exists. This photo should explain why:


Just saw the “repaired” dumpster today:

If I had to guess, I’d say that the right edge was the beneficiary. Looks like the bottom right edge should be next.

Slow day today……..




  1. ANNE RASO October 15, 2021

    I went to the CMJ Marathon many times! I think that CMJ stood for “Creepy Music Journalists”! (It is okay for me to say that because I was one!)

  2. carol ross October 15, 2021

    You always have great memories thru your fabulous photos and you continue to amaze us…..

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