2021 – Mom Shoots the World – Part 2

                                                         (Ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on December 18, 2021)

Mom would have turned 99 today, so this is an appropriate day to make this post.


Well, you were warned there’d be a Part 2.

I just finished weeks of on-and-off scanning/editing 68 color slides. I figured I would have edited a bunch of them out, but there were only 3 or 4 slides in the two Kodak boxes that I didn’t scan.

That’s a very good percentage, given the critical photographer who did the editing and didn’t let anything “slide” by just because we’re related. Did I embellish anything? I prefer the word “improved” – exactly what I do when I edit my own photos.

With the exception of 1980, these images cover every year from 1974 through 1990 and at least 17 countries are represented, including the US. Most of the slides had no identification on them, so I had to use her trip notebooks to try to figure out where the photos were taken.

Why the inexact number of countries? Some images were identified as being taken on a Scandinavian trip, but without stating in which of the three countries each one was shot.

The slides that I identify as “Arizona” were taken on a trip to that state and Nevada. Both states have canyons, but when you see canyon-type images, which state do YOU think of? And is Hoover Dam in Nevada or Arizona? (both). And don’t get me started on the Orient trip (I know the itinerary, but not necessarily in which country each photo was taken).


As usual, these will be shown sequentially, starting with two photos taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1974:


Next up is England in 1975. Big on signage, Mom was (and, boy, do I…um… relate!):


Acapulco, Mexico in 1976 (with an explanation at the bottom of the first image of what the “CNOP” – shown in the top part – stands for):


Russia, 1977:


Somewhere in California and inside Hoover Dam, 1978 (very similar shots):


Greece, 1979:


Scandinavia, 1981:

“Toalett” – in Swedish – means “toilet”. I wonder if Mom thought that might be some sort of toilet in front of the pole (and maybe it IS):


All Google translations indicate that the language is Norwegian, but “Lagprisland” doesn’t translate to anything other than “Lagprisland” (however, many non-Google translations say it means “low-cost country”):


Björn Borg is Swedish, so we know where this was probably taken:


I can only guess what this is supposed to be: Mom’s representation of herself? (The nose and skin color are a little off……):



This Google translation of the above doesn’t help much:



This innocent-looking kid has some serious enemies:


There’s a town in Scandinavia called Ork? (No – but there IS one in Germany):


Tennessee (World’s Fair), Colorado (Air Force Academy & Pike’s Peak railroad tracks), NYC (the Cloisters), 1982:


Italy, 1983:


Holland, Paris, 1984

What a great shot! I think this is Amsterdam (the Madame Tussaud signs say “In Amsterdam”), but I really like the Wall Drug sign…………who thought of that and who allowed that? (and how much business did they get as a result?):


Mom (and the clouds) made a nice shot:


Orient, 1985

Hong Kong?


Looks like Thailand (and Thailand does follow Hong Kong in the itinerary):


I know this is Macau because there’s a very similar shot in Part 1 (print film):


San Francisco (1), CA or NV (2), AZ or NV (8, including 1 Hoover Dam), 1986:

Note: By coincidence, I happened to take a similar-subject-matter shot in Manhattan the year before (I guess I was a bad influence on my mother):


Spain (1), Portugal (1) in 1987:


Vasco de Gama statue in Lisbon, Portugal:


Mississippi (first one is in Natchez, MS), 1988:


Ireland, 1989:


Canada, 1990:


That’s it!


If family members want any of these images to make a print, let me know and I’ll send you the original file(s).



And a Happy/Merry Whatever-It-Is-You-Celebrate to everyone!




  1. Paul Kibbe December 18, 2021

    Happy Birthday Eunice!

  2. ANNE RASO December 18, 2021

    A rare photo collection of American mountains and streams, small towns in Italy, English churches and graveyards, Spanish architecture and porn theaters all in one place. Somehow it all works!

  3. Vanessa Briscoe Hay December 18, 2021

    These are great! I see where you got your talent for photography!

  4. Annemarie December 18, 2021

    The first CA shot might be Yosemite. The red rock formations look similar to Utah but there’s a park here in CA called Pinnacles that has those formations too.

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