2022 – Please Don’t Invade Ukraine!

                                     (ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on February 15, 2022)


It’ll screw up all my work filtering the Ukrainian people’s home water!


Oh – you don’t speak/read Ukrainian? Try this:


And it only costs 499 UAH!


Check it out – I’m VERY good at removing chlorine and other unhealthful nonsense from your water (you DO recall that I have a chemistry background, right?)


And all this health will set you back a whole $17.71:


Order yours now! (if you can find one………..most of these say I’m out of stock)

But I’m worth waiting for. Remember – as it says – Bob Leafe is made from environmentally friendly materials and my filter’s cartridge is easy to change.

What more could you ask for?


And remember to support the Ukrainian people when you hear their battle cry:


DON’T let this happen:



BTW – I’m not making this up. Google me and you’ll find half a dozen of these ads like the one on this page:


Be sure to hit “Translate this page” if you do (unless you’re fluent in Ukrainian like me).


Do pobachennya.





BTW #2 – You think this is weird? That Forvo thing about how to pronounce my name is a post by a woman in – of all places – the United Arab Emirates:


And she doesn’t even say my whole name. Word has it that Ukraine is so upset about this that they may invade the UAE.



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