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Remember this from a few months ago?


It was the accidental result of using iPhone’s PANO photo setting – in which you have to pan from left to right – but in this shot, a truck was moving from right to left, which kind of condensed it.

I wrote: “Awwwww…………..ain’t it cute? Even if it DID get squashed? You KNOW I’m gonna be exploring this phenomenon a lot more in the future.”


The future has arrived.


One recent Saturday morning, I went to a one-way turn from Main St in Hackensack that’s 2 blocks from where I live. From where I was standing, cars could only go from right to left. I picked this spot because even the advertising for a dental office smiled when it saw these cars:

That last car looked almost normal if you ignore the rear wheel/tire.


Turning 90 degrees to the right, I saw this car making a left:

So if that car got shrunk, why wasn’t the truck similarly affected?

Turns out it WAS. It was a much larger truck and it got shrunk a bit to appear to be normal size, but look closely at the writing on the side (nonsense words) and at its rear wheel – both signs of shrinkitis.


Moving down one block east behind the truck to River St, this car looks especially strange against all the normal-looking cars on the lot:


Heading back home, I’m a block west at the continuation of that Main St turn-off:

Some of these drivers look like they’ll need the Jaws of Life to get out of their cars.


The next day, I took a stroll down Main St and the little buggers were everywhere:


A little later, I was on a bridge crossing the Hackensack River and, for some reason, the cars came out looking more like unicycles:

There’s a certain panning speed to the right vs. car speed to the left relationship that I wasn’t having any luck figuring out on that bridge.

Maybe cars are too little. Let’s see what happens with buses and trucks.


Here’s what a NJ Transit bus normally looks like:


And here’s what 3 pan-pummeled Main St buses look like:

I like how the tri-color design suddenly looks like lightning bolts and – in the last case – gets moved to the rear of the bus. And it’s strange how “NJ Transit” loses most of its letters, but never the same ones.


A couple of trucks on Main St:

Cute  Postal Service truck……………..I wonder how much mail was lost during its shrinkage.


The River St ones are even better:

Two of the three trucks appear to be missing a wheel and a tire while the third one seems to be riding on pinpoints.


Here’s what a somewhat bigger PSE&G truck that’s similar (the wording is the same) to the two images below it looks like:

NOTE: what’s on this one’s door (“We make things work for you”) is behind the door of the two that follow.


When I was standing by that Main St turnoff, I saw it going by and took this shot:


About a minute later, another one (or was it the same one?) came by and I took THIS shot:

Look at the driver and his coffee cup…………same truck. But look at the difference in what the side of the truck says when compared to the original………….and to each other! I could take this shot a dozen times and get 12 differently-worded messages.


OK – that’s enough of this right-to-left subject direction. Wait’ll you see what happens when that gets reversed……………….in the next post.






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  1. Paul Kibbe March 1, 2022

    Could be your way into Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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