…………………………………………………(Ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on March 2, 2022)

This time around – as promised – everything is moving from left to right: iPhone and vehicles – no more squashed cars/trucks/buses.

The colorful above image shows a (formerly) small delivery car for a local Colombian restaurant called “Noches de Colombia”. This little car would have been a disaster to shoot if it was traveling from right to left – it probably would have turned out looking like a pencil.


Believe it or not, this image does NOT show two vehicles pointing in opposite directions. It’s one car moving from left to right as it goes around the corner I’m shooting from. You really have to look at little details to convince yourself of that, starting with the two extra tailpipes to the left of the crosswalk: they point in the same direction as the one on the right:


Everything else looks like stretch limos on steroids (NOTE: the next 5 images are big ones – click to enlarge them):




Feeling lazy, I wanted to see what I could shoot from my living room that would come out ridiculous-looking………….how about a bus!

I’ve got almost a full block of visible straight road at the other end of the lot behind my building. It’s the perfect place to see if I can make a bus fill that block. Here’s my first attempt:

What you see here looks like two buses, but it’s all one bus. I can’t explain the gap between them other than to say that my hand motion didn’t track well with the bus’s motion. But it was a decent-enough first attempt to make me wanna try again.


So I did, the very next day and here’s what I got:

You know, the engineers who built this monstrosity really should have distributed all those wheels more evenly to support that width-of-the-parking-lot section.

But I got my block-long bus on the second try, so I’m happy.


The buses have to bend around a corner to get to that block, so I thought I’d try and see what I could do with that at ground level:

In each picture, there is only ONE bus. They got the wheels more evenly distributed in the top one and really made a mess out of the letters in “NJ TRANSIT” in the middle of the bottom one.


Two days later, I was in the vicinity of the Hackensack bus station and saw two buses that were waiting to leave. To do so, they would have to turn around a corner right in front of where I was standing (click to enlarge this file):

I was too close to get the whole bus in a turning motion, but the bottom one DID manage to produce 17 kids in the mid-bus ad where only 5 had originally been.


Overall, that experiment was a failure and not a great way to end a post, but it’s only Part 2 of 3 and the finale will have some unexpectedly-cool results (he says modestly).


Stay tuned.


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