2022 – Favorite Photos, January through June

…………………………………………….. (Ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on July 17, 2022)


This took forever to put together and may take you longer to get through. Hopefully, it’s worth it (take small bites and I hope you enjoy the variety).

Same deal as last time: all pix are posted in monthly/daily sequence with explanations/comments on the photos that need them. Some you’ve seen in other posts, but most you haven’t.

And when you see the words “PANO” or STITCH”, click once or twice to enlarge.



January 1 – This is part of the annual January 1 “Our Lady of the Cloud” Ecuadorian religious procession that goes by my building (just don’t ask me to explain the cow hat):


Other January 1 goings-on involving smoking and dogs:



January 3 – sunset:


January 4 – ‘fro:


January 5 – tilted squadron:


January 7 – night snow:


January 9 – straightened squadron heads for Hackensack Hospital:


January 10 – like it says, “Cover your head!”:


January 11 – I don’t see many sunrises:


January 16 – I also don’t see very many love letters in the snow. Hope you saw it, Valentina, whoever you are:


January 20 – Looks like a wolf:


January 20 – nice break room:


January 20 – If the 3 images were put together in a straight line, you’d have the Manhattan skyline at sunset:


January 22 – Just a wild guess……….she’s not the 20-something person for whom these balloons were intended:


January 28 – Flockin’ around in the snow:


January 29 – Smooth exit:


January 29 – Make your own caption:


January 31 – Sidewalk plow:




February 1 – “Top Fashion”, huh? Coulda fooled me:


February 6 – A very lucky shot of a bald eagle in Teaneck, taken from across the Hackensack River in Hackensack with my little Canon pocket camera:


February 9 – Tree-trimming next-door under a crane-blocked sun………….


February 10 – An insane-looking shot of someone’s front yard in Teaneck:


February 10 – Two minutes of sunset movement on Hudson Yards, NYC (taken from home):


February 11 (PANO) – At the laundromat:


February 12 – Two avian photos on the Hackensack River:


February 13 – For a few years, an elderly gentleman has had no driver’s side window, but he drives the car to church every Sunday in ANY kind of weather and parks in the municipal lot:

(There’s another picture of this car in rainy June)


Though it’s the same day, there’s no truth to the rumor that this guy’s throwing snowballs at the old guy’s driver-side towel…………at least I hope not:


February 14 – (PANO) The view – looking west – from my cardiologist’s treadmill room:


February 15 – Scary label:


February 15 – Though it looks like a skyward fireball from a ruptured gas main, it’s just another Hudson Yards sunset:


February 17 – Looking up YouTube videos on how to walk your dog (Rule 1 – Get a leash):


February 18 – Aftermath of fence being head-butted down by inflatable pink thing:


February 20 – I posted last year about the need for accurate clocks at a bus facility than depends on strict schedules. Apparently, that’s not a priority and I’ll bet I’ll have to post it again next year:


February 20 – Gulls guard WWII submarine USS Ling on the Hackensack River:


February 20 – The Ling against the ever-changing Hackensack skyline


Time for a plug I never thought I’d have: I had a very similar photo in Sea History magazine (no – I never heard of it either, but how many rock photographers ever got in that mag?). I superimposed the page 5 pic on the cover so I wouldn’t overdo it by posting 2 pix:


February 20 – I took this on Main St in Hackensack and that number is not an address:


February 20 – The Bergen County Courthouse and the historic First Reformed Church (Church on the Green) from a rarely-seen angle:


February 20 – (PANO) Yeah – these things are back again. More to come:


February 20 – The Empire State Building and part of Hudson Yards at sunset:


February 25 (STITCH – click TWICE to fully enlarge) – Early-morning ice on trees in Teaneck (totally melted a half-hour later). Hackensack River and Hackensack buildings at the bottom:


February 25 – I’ve never seen a caped crusader wearing a cape with arms:


February 27 – (PANO) Stretched-out private jets flying over Route 46 and landing at Teterboro Airport:

I haven’t found anybody doing this type of photography yet.


February 27 – Meanwhile, back at the bus depot………….




March 5 – The two-meter trash toss (I still love stop-action):


March 6 – From my kitchen window on a Sunday morning:


March 8 – (PANO) How is this super-long fire truck going to be able to turn onto that side street? And how did it manage to get where it is in the first place?


March 11 – It’s my understanding that Minnie Mouse usually consumes babies only when they’re awake:


March 11 – This guy walked across the parking lot with his finger stuck in his ear:


March 12 – Might not be the most aerodynamic wet kite on the market:


March 17 – I took this picture because the Fire Chief isn’t wearing her seat belt:


March 18 – They never stop building around here:


March 19 – This is the vicious creature that head-butted a fence down on February 18:


March 19 – Happy child and loving Mom (click to enlarge):


March 25 – Welcome to the Construction Site Games. I’m not sure what the left one is called, but the right one looks like King Of The Hill:


March 25 – (PANO) Anybody want to guess what this is?


March 25 – (PANO) I thought this would make a nice PANO shot (if only they had cleaned up the grass area). BTW – 210 Main is that tall building on the left side – a former bank where I once shot from the roof:



March 26 – (PANO) I have churches on either side of my building and another one across the street. The reason I like this picture is because I’m standing in the backyard/playground of the church across the street and included the gorgeous steeple of the church to my south:


Meanwhile, in the front of the church stand these…………skinny traffic cones? (Not a PANO, but may enlarge somewhat):


March 26 – Dunno if these show the same umbrella, but the second one WAS taken only 3 shots later, so they very well may be:


March 30 – Architectural variety in my neighborhood:


March 30 – (PANO) Weird: Bikes & Bruce


March 30 – (PANO) Parkway Toyota truck:


March 31 – Some people just can’t read:




April 2 – Teterboro Airport-bound private jet appears to pass over the World Trade Center (but it’s really over New Jersey):


April 2 – Friends:


April 2 – (PANO) Long, bent Mustang (shot from my living room):


April 4 – Long, bent school bus (shot from my back room):


April 4 – Shopping for………a Guess?


April 5 – (PANO) Longest bus in town:


April 6 – From about a quarter-mile away, it looks like a chain-link fence that has 30-40’ of its height buried underground is being pulled out. I’m sure that’s not what’s going on, so send me your much-better guesses:


April 8 – Uh-oh! Is he thinking of jumping? I’m not worried…………he’s on the first floor:


April 11 – 4-pack of PANOs:

The long and short of it…………..





April 12 – 5-Pack of 3 regular and 2 PANOs:



This is a restaurant that’s about 4 blocks from where I live. I think the city’s OK with the name as long as they don’t add a “Q” to it:



Unless that headgear is edible, you can’t pay for it with Food Stamps:


April 13 – Baby Bella mushrooms – my favorite!


April 16 – Every Saturday, a car dealership 3 blocks from me puts on balloon displays as if seeing these will make people who are driving by suddenly get the urge to pull in and buy a new car:


April 16 – (PANO) I don’t know the purpose of all those wheels, but it looks cool:


April 16 – (PANO) Speaking of cool, look at the size of this car turning past the FAMOUS White Manna Hamburger joint that Guy Fieri featured in one of his shows (look it up):


April 19 – (PANO) I have NEVER seen a cloud event like what’s going on behind Manhattan (above the sunlit brick apartment building on the right):


April 20 – From my living room, I saw these girls setting up a phone against the black pole to film themselves dancing. Was this a TikTok tribute to 4/20?


April 22 – As I was walking by a construction site, I saw part of a worker – who was 3 or 4 stories up – pop out every few seconds, so I zoomed in as I was about to pass the building:


April 22 – My favorite car-carrier photo:


April 23 – I wanna know exactly what he’s wearing under that hoodie that ends with pom-poms…………and what’s around his right shoe:


April 23 – And what’s this guy noshing on? I’m guessing gherkins:


April 23 – Outside of a church!


April 24 – My PANO selfie……….even here, ridiculously-long vehicles find me:


April 27 – Private jets land on a Main St building?


April 27 – I’ve heard of carrying a grudge, but carrying a crutch?


April 27 – (STITCH) Nice shot of Manhattan, but all the illuminated buildings are in New Jersey:


April 29 – Remember these prices? (found at a local abandoned station…………not sure I understand the second one):


April 29 – Right across the street from that station was this kind of cool-looking car (I’ll bet IT remembers those gas prices):


April 30 – (PANO) Decidedly less cool-looking are this Mom and Dad and their cute little two-wheeler:


April 30 – I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it was quite colorful and I didn’t have to leave my apartment to shoot it.


April 30 – A nice way to end the month (maybe I should have left my apartment to partake).




May 1 – (PANO) The longest antique fire engine you’ll ever see:


May 1 – (PANO) The shortest hover car you’ll ever see (and one of the weirdest school buses you’ll ever see):


May 1 – (PANO) The sky was looking a bit odd so I tried to do a PANO of it with limited success (but I DID manage to get my apartment in the shot):


May 1 – I’m guessing that since the bag says “Giant Farmers Market”, she’s trying to carry giant vegetables (click to enlarge):


May 6 – (already captioned)


May 7 – Is this a Happy Mother?


May 7 – The yellow and red are nice touches:


May 8 – Shiny happy people


May 10 – Not everyone in Hackensack can tell you what this is, but I can tell you I once attended a KISS convention there:


May 14 – The hoodie protects his hat, I guess:


May 14 – It looks like I just gave birth to a Strat lookalike:


May 18 – A pretty serious-looking mockingbird:


May 21 – Just two people I happened to see on the same day:


May 24 – Looking down from my living room………shameful!


May 24 – And while I was hanging out of my window shooting garbage, I happened to take what might be my best shot of the (half) year:


May 25 – Looks like something major was going on, but nothing happened:


May 28 – Doing pointing work on a nearby building:


May 28 – Mr. Excitement:


May 28 – GrubHub?


May 30 – Balloon Guy:


May 30 – (PANOs) At and under the George Washington Bridge on Memorial Day:


May 30 – (PANO) Home from the GWB (just got off the bus). I live on the roof of the brick building (not the visible top floor):




June 1 – I thought socks with sandals/crocs was a fashion faux pas. Well, at least the dog isn’t wearing any socks with his white crocs:


June 3 – Active pooch:


June 4 – Teamwork:


June 5 – I wonder if Sniff ‘n’ the Tears had this vehicle in mind back in 1978:

Anybody remember this one-hit wonder?


June 5 – Six daytime carnival shots (5 are PANOs):


June 7 – I got hit! As I was making a left off a busy street, the guy at the side street’s stop sign – also making a left – miscalculated when I’d be past him, hit the gas early and smacked me on the back end – utter stupidity!


June 8 – Interesting apparatuses, colors, reflections:


June 11 Busy day (and night)!

Day – Three more boom lift images:


Parking lot people:

Night – Six carnival images (the last one is a PANO):


June 12 – We saw this car on February 13 with the same towel “protecting” him from snow. Today, it’s rain:


June 15 – (PANO) A school bus from the Bergenfield Board of Gibberish goes past my building:


June 16 – (PANO) DHL’s got Main St covered…………literally:


June 17 – I just happened to see this group of balloons flying by. It was windy that day, so this was the only shot I could get. The church is St Joseph’s in Bogota and the building behind it is a high-rise in Cliffside Park that overlooks the Hudson River. It’s hard to believe, but there are a couple of towns and a valley between the two buildings:


June 18 – Day and night views of two boom lifts (one shows a moonrise at 12:14am):


June 18 – Parking lot people (and yes – I was tempted to write “TitTatToes” for one of them, but I won’t):


June 18 – (PANO) “City of WHAT?”


June 18 – Another lonely balloon flown on a Saturday by a car dealership. Did that make you suddenly crave a new Toyota?


June 23 – The Dog Waste project (click to enlarge):


June 23 – Distant sunset (aren’t they all?) from my kitchen:


June 24 – Distant turkey vulture (red head = dead giveaway):


June 25 – Things on my window:


June 25 – “It’s a text from the dog”


June 25 – Sixteen minutes later……….


June 25 – The first two pictures are normal, but why is she holding the poop bag so close to her face in the third one? Yuck!


June 25 – (PANO) There are a lot of bikers in my building:


June 25 – (PANO) So I was shooting PANOs on one-way State St (the other end of the parking lot) when I suddenly hear a car behind me going the wrong way. Since I was already set up for PANOs, I immediately started following him to see what he would do when (and if) he realized his mistake. He figured it out pretty quickly and made a very long left into the parking lot:


June 26 – She remind you of anybody?


June 28 – Some early fireworks from somewhere south of me:


June 29 – A very interesting-looking gentleman:


June 29 – These were parked differently every night (more variety for the camera):


That’s it!

Think you can sit through another one in 6 months?



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