2023 – Newly-found Uncle Floyd Show “Pictures on The Wall”

………………………………………………..(Ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on June 12, 2023)


I found this small stash under a lot of stuff – including some old knee x-rays – on the top shelf of a closet. They must have been there for about 40 years.

The above 2 pix weren’t taken during the “Voice of the Viewers” segment, but they’re two of the more ridiculous photos I took that show the pictures on the wall (I’ll bet Scott knows who the “contestant” is in the pic on the right. Hint: it was probably his favorite person in Newark……………and it’s not Gladys).


Some of these weren’t pictures on the wall, but rather some other UFS stuff I collected, like this charmer from Netto:


EVERYBODY has at least one of these, right?


These two aren’t albums, but rather one-sheet displays that hung in store windows or on store walls to advertise the album that I’m somewhat partial to:


I’ll bet General Delivery had a few blowups of this item plastered all over his barracks:


And now, to actual pictures that made it onto The Wall…………


From a very young fan:


Two from the same person:


No name on this one:


Check out the book:


This has to be from early 1984:


A familiar artist………..


I think this viewer objects to Netto’s spelling in the second pic (yeah, right):


“Fred the Furrier” – haven’t heard that name in a long time:


Not sure which station she’s referring to:


The top 3:

Yeah, that sounds like Captain Lou:


Good artwork:


This pic is a LOT of work! I made it a little bigger, so click to enlarge the detail:


My personal favorite:

This wasn’t on the wall – it was a Mugsy art card that he used in a Captain Fork bit about birds. Would you like to hear it? Click this:

You might have heard him mention something about Birdie taking pictures and then “flying down to Englishtown” (the sound gets a bit wonky there). I used to hear this all the time from the cast, who were inferring that I took pictures just to go to sell them at the Englishtown Flea Market.

I’ve never been to Englishtown in my life.

This Captain Fork bit taped on 1-17-83 and aired on 1-26-83 (in case someone has it in his archive for future airing on StageIt).



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