2023 – Photowalk #346 – 9-22-23

………………………………………………(ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on September 27, 2023)


You’ll see this pic again later, but I posted it here to get your attention before I start rambling for a while.


No – I haven’t done 346 photowalks. That’s just a random number I pull out of my……..uh, hat whenever I want to say “a lot” in numerical fashion. And I need something to do while I’m out there walking to keep things interesting, so I return to certain places to document progression/changes at those locations.

This not only lets me continue historical documentation, but also keeps me busy for the next couple of days with photo editing and posting on my blog and the site I moderate for the Hackensack city historian.

Plus, a certain doctor of cardiology keeps telling me to walk more often and I do try to comply for at least 3 seasons of the year (but never in hot and humid summer).

Since we just finished another H&H season with limited, boring (I need visuals!) indoor (but A/C’d) Nordic Track, it’s time to get outside again.


After a short, warmup neighborhood walk on 9/19, it was time for a much longer one on a beautiful (and cooler) 9/22. Don’t tell anyone, but because my starting point was on the other side of town, I DROVE there……….but I did take a picture on the way there while stopped at a light (as if that absolves me for driving to go walk somewhere).

You know that MBSC construction project that I’m always shooting from home, 4 blocks away? The traffic light I was stopped at was on that block, so here’s the picture I took:


The Bergen County Courthouse Area

And here is a panoramic shot of that courthouse (click to enlarge ALL panoramic images):

By the way…………some PANOs will take a second click and expand further. Place your cursor on the image. If it becomes a + sign, click a second time.


This is a PANO of the entire Justice Center:


A PANO of the Church On The Green, right across the street:


To the left of that church is a monument to General Enoch Poor, one of George Washington’s trusted generals. To the immediate left of the church (and behind the large tree) is the church’s cemetery. General Poor was buried there after his funeral service at the church (which Washington attended):


To the immediate left of General Poor is The Green – a small, one-block rectangular park-like area that served as a strategic point during the American Revolution. During Washington’s Retreat across New Jersey (before he came back to win the war), his men camped out on The Green (while George stayed across the street at The Mansion House…………rank has its privileges).

Also on The Green is the Hackensack War Memorial, which was erected in 1924 by the people of Hackensack in memory of its soldiers and sailors who fought in the wars of the United States of America:

Did you notice the editorial comment signage in the bottom left of the last two pix? It’s actually a Hawaiian coffee shop that I first posted about exactly one year ago.

A month later, it was announced that it would open in “early 2023”. I hadn’t visited the place in the year since that announcement, so I decided to get a look at its interior. Since it was closed, I shot this through the front door:

Hmmm………..not much progress. I guess their opening date was a “Bad Ass-umption”.


But there was some good news…………I think. Across the street, I saw Aaron Rodgers stumbling along just 2 days after his disastrous, season-ending Achilles tendon surgery in California:

I guess he was wearing his old team’s jersey so no one would recognize the NY Jets’ new QB.



Main St Area

A block north of The Green, I took a couple of shots of the 76 Main project, where a 2015 fire had destroyed a residential building that had a restaurant on the first floor (see http://www.hackensacknow.org/index.php/topic,3121 for more info about that).


It took a long time to get this replacement project going, but here’s where it’s at now (#2 and 3 are PANOs):


Here’s a closeup PANO of the first floor work:


I noticed something unusual in the first pic:

Why would you be directed to Bridge St if you’re not allowed to turn in that direction…………especially since Bridge St is one way in the opposite direction?



Down By The River

Grab your headphones (seriously)! If you don’t know this song, you’re gonna thank me! I haven’t heard it in years and I just thanked myself!


Man, that dual guitar work is magnificent!

Feel better? Good!


Back to business!

The Hackensack River is 2-3 blocks east down Bridge St. On the way there, I passed the back of the Church on the Green’s cemetery and found they buried an old tree trunk there (PANO – click!):

Seriously, that must have been a magnificent-looking tree at one time.


Lotta new stuff going up down here, as you can see in this PANO that looks across River St:


After crossing, I start to work my way around the River St/Bridge St periphery, starting with dead signs, followed by 5 PANOs:


Some glass in the midst of tons of concrete and metal:


This is the full version of this post’s opening shot. Fore and aft: amongst all the construction and its components, colorful foliage is fore and a completed residential project with a distinctive roof sculpture is distantly aft (the 210 Main St former bank building):


So I get to the end of the Bridge St fence periphery and look what I see:


Moving a few feet closer to the Court St Bridge, I come across this amazing vision:

Who wouldn’t like to live at the river’s edge and have a genuine WWII submarine in their front yard – especially after it’s been spruced up a bit with some paint? It doesn’t have to leave or be dismantled. And what a unique scene this would make!

I think the USS Ling problem may have just been solved! (Party poopers can post otherwise if they like).


Someone’s already discovered the view and moved in (seen here in his bathroom):


And I discovered a Spotted Lanternfly climbing to the top floor of the Bridge St fence for a better view:


From the Court St Bridge, I could see a River Street Residences Tour-By-Air plane that had just taken off from nearby Teterboro Airport:


Could this school bus that’s crossing the river on the next bridge to the north – the Midtown Bridge – be bringing even more visitors to the site?


Not wanting to be disappointed if it didn’t, I decided it was time to go. I took one final PANO of the entire scene (Bridge St fence, River St Residences, the USS Ling, the Hackensack River, the Court St Bridge), waved goodbye to the imaginary bridge tender at his palatial estate (a small PANO) and booked:


A nice little productive walk………….



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  1. Barry Rubinow September 27, 2023

    Nice work, Bob!
    Especially that incredible action shot of Aaron Rodgers! 🙂

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