2023 – Nice Sunrise Surprise On 12/7/23

……………………………………………(ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on December 10, 2023)


I never get up early if I can help it, but some mornings, ya just gotta go, so I dragged myself up at 6:45am.

I knew it was supposed to be a gray, miserable day, so I was hoping to go back to bed for another hour or so, but the decidedly non-gray light I saw as I stumbled past my living room said otherwise.


“Wow! Look at Manhattan! I gotta shoot this!” (at 6:52am)


“Wow – look at the Modern 1 and 2 in Fort Lee……….is that a plane between the towers?” Click! (at 6:54am):


I went into my west-facing kitchen and saw an apartment building that’s about a half-mile away. It looked like every room in the building had their lights on (at 6:57am):

But the house in front of that building told me that the source was the big light trying to rise in the east.


“If the building looks that good, I think I know a certain hospital on the same street that might look even better”, as I walked to a south-facing window in another room at 6:59am:



The southern sky was getting red, so I took a picture at 7:01am of part of the Middle School with its annoyingly-bright, second-story light that shines on a parking lot with no cars in it, and also shines brightly on the upper walls of two rooms in my seventh-floor apartment that’s 2 blocks away (you’d think an educational institution would have a clue about light trespass beyond their property lines………………OK – off the soapbox, Bob):


The light’s shifting a bit on the hospital at 7:04am:


Back to the living room, where I took these 3 shots between 7:07 and 7:09am:


I noticed something in that last shot that I don’t get to see when the leaves are on the trees. Here’s a closeup shot taken at 7:10am:

You know what that is right in the middle behind the bare tree branches?

The sun’s about to pop and it will get blindingly bright in another minute or two, so my timing was just right to get this shot of the New Jersey tower of the George Washington Bridge.


Back to the hospital, where the reflection is starting to get ridiculous, so these are my last sun shots of the day at 7:12 and 7:14am:



So, the first waking half-hour of my day was a fun revelation for a photographer – so much so that I didn’t mind one bit that by 8:01am, the rest of the day – as predicted – was gray and miserable…………


…………..and by 1pm, we even got a couple of snow flurries:


But that’s just the kind of day I wanted because there’s nothing more to shoot and I was able to do all of my photo editing and writing before dinner.


And to think……….I had no idea that I’d be doing ANY of this when my bladder woke me up today.

             (Who would want that on a phone case?)


But as I understand it, it’s not totally the bladder’s fault. It appears that a strange voice woke IT up first!


The things you learn on this semi-scientifically-sound site!




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