2024 – The Art of Union Street Park, Hackensack, NJ 1-15-24

                                      (ignore April 30, 2017 publish date – this was published on February 7, 2024)


I’ve featured these displays that are about a mile away on the other end of my street before, but I never know when they put up new ones. I have few occasions to be in that neighborhood, so I’m always surprised when I see something new there because they’re always dazzling.

Such an occasion occurred on January 15 in this squarish park with a full basketball court that I’ve never seen in use.

THE attractions in this park are 2 of its 4 borders.

Here’s the full PANOramic view as I entered the park (click to enlarge – some will need two clicks and all but 3 of these are PANOs):


Slowly breaking this down, here’s the left wall:



These are enlargements of the left and right ends of that wall:


For the right wall, here are the five left-to-right segments:


After looking at that last one, I’m half-expecting this to come around the corner:


Finishing up that wall:


The full right wall:


The exit PANO (kinda like the first PANO, but missing one of the baskets – hey, isn’t less supposed to be more?):


If you’d ever like to visit Union St. Park and you’re in the vicinity of Essex St. near Main St. in Hackensack, this map’ll get you there:





  1. Paul Kibbe February 10, 2024

    Thanks for the photographic tour. I have evolved my view of graffiti over the years. I like it now but only if it is artistic like this is. Perhaps that means it was authorized and I am a rule follower. Quite the mural. Still bugs me if it is just defacing. If you have not seen it yet check out the unfinished Oceanwide Plaza buildings in LA. (paint grows fat on (even brand new) urban blight).

    Is the train picture yours? I scoured it for your TM signature but did not see one. Stay well, cuz.

  2. Bob Leafe February 10, 2024

    The photo of the #1 subway is not mine. I found it on Wikipedia without a credit.

    The walls belong to the businesses on the other side of them – not the city. Everything is arranged through the businesses with the city’s blessing and approval (no vulgarity, nudity or anything that could be considered offensive).

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