2015 – The best photos of the year

I took some pictures in Asbury Park, NJ on November 14 at a tribute to promoter John Scher, which had about 30 of my images on the walls and went back on December 19 to shoot that gallery exhibit. On both that day and the morning after the tribute, I shot up and down my old favorite boardwalk – something I had never done in cold weather before.

The beach in winter:





Happy girl heads for Convention Hall:



The Convention Hall entrance, showing a newly-added (and sold out!) show for that night:



I shot a LOT of shows at Convention Hall in the 70s and 80s, so I snuck in to get a shot of its interior and was shocked to see a women’s yoga class going on:



I think this kid’s mom is in that class:



This is where I stayed overnight:



The Paramount Theatre is right across from Convention Hall in the same structure and I also shot a lot of shows here in the 70s and 80s:








Other Asbury Park shots:












Heading back home:





The rest of 2015:


One of my FIVE boxes of 45s:















My favorite early 90s poison:



























Hackensack River under Route 4 overpass looking from Teaneck towards Hackensack, NJ:











































































“Wave ya WY-pizz in the AY-ah like ya jus’ don’ CAY-ah”




















































































 “POP!” goes the…………..













 The next 4 pictures were taken at the Teaneck Creek Conservancy in Teaneck, NJ:
























 At the urologist’s office (NOT for the “V” product shown)………….







Demolition of 76 Main St, Hackensack, after fire:



See explanation in the final photo stitch at the end of this post to tie this image and the above one together:


















































































One of my 2015 favorites (and not just because it took a lot of color removal to make it look right) – I didn’t move or touch anything:
























































































































































This 5-image stitch was taken from Garret Mountain in Paterson, NJ and shows Route 80 running through the city made famous by…………..(you KNOW the answer – we’ve already covered this).

Click the image once. After it takes over the screen, hover the mouse over the image. You should get a + sign. Then click it again. It’s now full-size and must be scrolled to see everything. Click it once more to shrink it back and then use your back button to return to the post.




This is a crazy 9-image stitch that I would normally reject because it’s not a perfect rectangle – something I caused myself because I couldn’t shoot the whole thing while standing in one spot. But it DID stitch – albeit in a goofy manner.

It’s joyous and crazy and even works in some Hackensack history and has become quite well-known in town.

I showed a picture earlier in this post of a fire-ravaged building (76 Main) that was being demolished. It was a building that had a restaurant on the ground floor and everything above it was apartments.

A wooden fence was put up around the site. Later, people from the city’s business improvement district put out a call to artists to create a mural illustrating Hackensack’s past, present and future.

This stitch shows the resultant long side of the mural they created.

Right  after that demolition shot, there’s one of an unusual grouping of 3 gentlemen from different centuries. This is part of the shorter (Main St) side of the fence around the site and is artist Damien Mitchell’s section of the mural: “Faces of Hackensack from Three Points in History”.

The 3 gentlemen (l to r) are:

1. Oratam (17th century) – Chief (Sachem) of the Achkinhenhcky Indians. He is the symbol of Hackensack and appears on the Hackensack municipal seal, police patches, etc.

2. Rah the Barber (21st century) – He ran a barber shop at 69 Main St.

3. The Marquis de Lafayette (18th century) – He was a Frenchman who fought alongside George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

You could not get 3 more disparate men if you tried, yet here they are side-by-side – courtesy of Mr. Mitchell – in a mural in Hackensack, New Jersey.

With that being said, THIS is my unusual stitch of the other side of the fence:



Furling the huge George Washington Bridge flag (click it once). I just happened to be standing under it on Veterans Day when they started pulling it up into its tube:



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