1957 – First Intentional Photo

I recently found a very small black-and-white print dated November 19, 1957 that I remember coming across every decade or two, so I recall all the details.

I was walking on a street (Wyndham Rd, Teaneck, NJ) a few blocks from my home and saw a tree being buzz-sawed down in front of a house. For some reason, the thought immediately popped into my mind that it would be cool to get a picture of the tree falling – hopefully, at a 45-degree angle.

I ran home, begged my mother to let me borrow her cheap little camera (a Brownie?) and ran back just in time to catch the tree falling and caught it at almost 45 degrees.

So, in my semi-convoluted way of thinking, this is my original, premeditated, stop-action photo – the one that led me to success in my beloved right-brained, music photography career after pleasing my parents with the left-brained one I got my degree in (chemistry).

BTW – they eventually came around on career #2 and if you want to read a story related to that, go to bobleafe.com and enter 03-037 into the search box.

Hang in there – these WILL get better eventually……………give it 50 or 60 years   😉


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