1961 – Nuns!

These were the two nuns in charge of the 8th-grade classes at Holy Trinity School in Hackensack, NJ, in early 1961.

On the left is Sister Anne Roberta from 8A (my class) and on the right is Sister Rose Felicia of 8B. My two classmates were Kathy Gingras in the background and Linda Guerra in the foreground.

I have no idea why I had a camera at school. I seem to barely recall having my own dinky little camera that used large-ish film and I’m pretty sure I took other pictures of classmates, but these were the only two I found.

I also recall that I was trying to sneak the 8A shot from the vicinity of the classroom door before Sister Anne realized what I was doing and react. I took this the second she came into view. I don’t recall any negative reaction.

Sister Rose was too close to have been a snuck shot. I’m guessing she didn’t care one way or the other…………..too cool for school, I guess.

There’s one interesting thing I remember regarding the 8A windows: sticking my head out one of them in early October, 1960, to see the Richard Nixon motorcade go by on Main St (a block away) during his failed presidential campaign against JFK.

No sighting of Tricky Dicky, of course, but I was fine with that after recently seeing his face WAY too much (see 1960 post).



  1. Kevin Ammon August 10, 2019

    I was there too.

  2. Mary April 30, 2022

    Good grief! That was my first grade uniform (1964-1965)! In second grade we were switched to the red plaid jumpers.

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