1975 – Faculty has an Afro!

In late 1974, I went to the WBAI-FM (NYC) Christmas Craft Show (which benefits the station) and found this great hanging stained-glass Rolling Stones logo (which I photographed in June, 1975). It’s about 10″ by 6″. I don’t recall what I paid for it, but it wasn’t a lot.

I still have it and still LOVE the Stones (who I photographed a half-dozen times).




The master of the house I was living in at the time was my roommate’s cat, Damien. You did NOT mess with Damien!




That house was in River Edge, NJ, and this picture was taken in my bedroom. I had acquired a folding metal record rack sometime in the early 70s from my hometown record store – the Teaneck Record Shop – when it closed. I used it until 1988.

The posters are 10cc and BOC (and if you don’t know who BOC is, look at the next picture). I got to shoot BOC the same year in the next town (Paramus) in the college where I was working.

The album artists I can make out in this less-than-optimally-exposed shot are: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Rainbow, the Stones, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Robert Klein, two by the Tubes, Humble Pie, Frampton, Rick Derringer, Alice Cooper, Bowie, Be-Bop Deluxe (anybody remember them?), Aerosmith, Jo Jo Gunne, Lee Michaels, Mountain, Lou Reed, Springsteen, Joe Walsh, Johnny Winter and a rare-ish Zep booklet.

Only mellow, acoustic folk songs for me.




OK – so I didn’t actually take this March, 1975 picture myself, but I might have if I had a tripod with me that night. I was a big BOC fan and this show was in the gym of the college where I was a faculty member, so I got to sit in the front row and also take pictures on stage and in the dressing room (but you’ll have to go to my site to see those).

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