1976 – Favorite photos of the year

OK – now we’re getting into some photographic variety.

I started the year off with a dark-haired GF (see below stop-action shot of her) and finished it with a blonde – an interesting year.




This crappily-colored shot of me and Ronnie Spector was taken in a stairwell at William Paterson College (now William Paterson University) in Wayne, NJ, at a Southside Johnny & the Asbury Park Jukes show. She and the band had a single out at the time called “You Mean So Much To Me” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xERh3DH3x_4).




I was living in a house in River Edge, NJ, with 3 other people and way too many cats, courtesy of my roommate Bob, who was the lead singer for the popular North Jersey cover band, Pegasus.

The pictures show 7 of the cats (Bob’s holding the latest 3). His main cat, Damien, can be seen in the 1975 listing.

Thanks to the cats, the house STUNK, but my bedroom door was always shut, so my room was odor-free. This worked to my advantage when I brought a date home. I didn’t have to try to talk anyone into coming up to my room. Holding their noses, they made a beeline for it.













Two weeks after meeting the blonde GF, she took me on a school-scouting road trip to the University of Connecticut, which had interesting-looking buildings, eye-catching stair shadows, nice flowers and a peculiar pairing of transportation vehicles to photograph.
















The following month, we visited my Alma Mater – Ramapo College – whose Arch is its centerpiece and focal point. Too bad the sun wasn’t shining on it when we were there.




Then we went around to the back of the school:

From my site:

The garage in back housed the school’s sculpture classes (I had taken a class in it 3 years earlier).

I don’t know who created this, but Dr. Judith Peck was the main faculty member in that area, so I’d better give her credit.




The Ramapo Mountains and the Ramapo Reservation are right across the street from Ramapo College. I’m dubbing this one “Coke Bottle Mountain” (turn it sideways).


The GF took this shot of me on 12-31-76 while she was house-sitting.

What a weird New Year’s Eve………..


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