1959 – Outside the original Yankee Stadium

Before the new 2009 Yankee Stadium, before the 1976 renovation of the previous Yankee Stadium, there was the original 1923 Yankee Stadium.

I’m not sure that two of these pictures were taken in 1959 (could have been ’60 or ’61), but the third one was signed outside the Stadium in 1959, so they’re all being put under the 1959 blanket.

Back then, players used to get dropped off by their wives or friends while kids and a cop stood around. I have no idea who these particular players are and I can’t find the negatives – if they exist – to blow them up and try to ID someone.

No one seems to be screaming for autographs. Everyone appears to be respectful and satisfied to view the comings and goings of the players (as I apparently was to take pictures from across the street).


I DID get one autograph in 1959. The Ol’ Redhead – Yankees announcer Red Barber – signed my 15-cent program outside the Stadium after a game. I would have preferred to get announcer Mel Allen’s sig, but you take what you can get.



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