1977 – Montauk NY, World Trade Center

Sitting on a busy highway (Rt. 46 in Ridgefield Park, NJ) and surrounded by comparatively drab buildings and homes, this place really stood out for many years.

At first, you think, “Man, is this guy patriotic!”, but then you realize that not only is that probably the case, but it was actually a business – “Alert Flag & Banner” (plus, apparently, pumpkins in October).




Here’s something you don’t see anymore – a custom cigarette ad that fits the shape of a building (this was taken somewhere in Manhattan):




All-American trifecta: the flag, the Goodyear blimp and ridin’ down the highway (actually, stopped on the highway to get this picture):




Towards the end of August, 1977, the GF and I took a week-long vacation in a bungalow in Montauk, NY, where I got to take pictures of the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the Lake Montauk gulls at sunset and, for all you Rolling Stones fans with a good memory…………the Memory Motel.

Some of these B&W scans were VERY grainy, but the squawking bird and the odd plane (“whut the hell IS that thang?”) are still interesting.























The last interesting picture I shot there was taken as we were just starting to drive home.

From my site:

Everywhere I go, I’m always finding silly signs. I used to drive my girlfriend crazy on the road because I’d stop the car all of a sudden, grab my camera, and jump out. “NOW what did you see? I didn’t see anything”. When the film was later developed, I’d show her and she’d see.

Leaving Montauk after a vacation, we turned this corner and I suddenly jammed on the brakes. “NOW what?” (as I ran out the door).

Most people who’ve seen this photo have accused me of setting the shot up by bending the sign myself. That didn’t happen – there’s so much weird stuff out there, I don’t need to manufacture unusual situations. I just see ’em and shoot ’em.




In November, I shot another lighthouse, this time in New Haven, CT. Although the beam appears to be very bright at dusk, it’s actually not on. It’s the sun and I shot it in late afternoon, stopping the camera down to make the light fit in its “container”.

Maybe I’m now starting to be creative instead of just observant.

From the same location, I also took the next picture, which shows the Long Island Sound.







The opportunity that had the most potential to be really special was at the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, I had a big argument with the GF over God-knows-what that put me in a really bad mood and I just didn’t feel like shooting.

Luckily, something within told me I’d better get at least a couple of shots while I was up there. Good thing I did because it was my only visit to the top of the WTC and I’m happy with what I got (except for the fact that the scans came out grainy).














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