1978 – Favorite photos of the year

From my site:

Garden State Parkway, southern NJ 1978

Ridiculous at face value, this actually DOES make sense.

The Parkway has some rest/food/gas stops on the center island of the road. If you’re leaving and want to go south, you have to drive around the building to get to the southbound lanes and this sign directs you around the building.

It’s just funnier if I don’t tell you any of that, so fuhgeddaboudit.




I’m not sure, but I think these are Edgewater, NJ’s fireworks against the Empire State Building.



I had photographed the Blues Brothers on their first gig outside of Saturday Night Live – and before they even had their own band – 5 months earlier (those pix are on my site), but I came across this image while researching my archive for this blog project and thought about including it.

The show was at Carnegie Hall and the band was opening for Steve Martin. My seat was in the top deck – about as far away as you could be.

The boys now had their real band (Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn are behind Jake and Elwood) and because it turned out to be the only show I ever shot (or attended) at Carnegie Hall, I’m including this crappy photo of a special show.




Dunno why I was in Manhattan this day, but I had my camera with me. The overcast sky wasn’t helping much, but I had never seen horses tied to a fence in Midtown before and haven’t been to many Yugoslavian demonstrations, so I thought those were pictures worth taking – especially the one with the happy old lady petting the horse.











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