1980 – Virginia/Tennessee trip

The GF’s Mom’s cats

From my site:

Flash closeups of animals’ eyes are always interesting. We only get red-eye……………they get the spectrum.




Window cleaners:




My favorite “waste” shot

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Lexington Ave., Clifton, NJ 1980

Why is this cool-looking shot a “waste”?

I had just finished shooting a show at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic. After a show, I usually went to the Kodak plant in Fair Lawn, NJ to drop off my film in the night box before I went home.

If there are still a couple of shots left on a roll in my camera after the show, I hate to not use them, so I “waste” them by taking strange open-shutter shots as I’m driving to Kodak.

In this one, I was stopped at a red light, holding the camera on the dashboard. Just before the light turned green, I opened the shutter.

The red lights are the brake lights of the car in front of me. The white lights are the headlights of the car in the opposite lane. When the light turned green, he took off and you can see his headlights driving by me.

In the greenish lights on the left, the vertical word ‘DINER’ can be made out. This is the Lexington Diner.

This shot is my favorite waste of time.




I shot a show at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, one evening. From there, the GF and I drove to Asbury Park, NJ, where I shot a late show. When THAT was over, we drove through the night a couple hundred miles to Springfield, VA, where we visited my aunt and cousins.

After resting up, we then headed for Virginia’s Luray Caverns, which was on the way to our final destination: the grand metropolis of Piney Flats, TN, to visit the GF’s aunt and sister.

The Caverns:

















Just before we hopped on I-81 after visiting the Caverns, I spotted this odd sign:



Since no one believes that such a place exists when I mention “Piney Flats”, I took a picture of a map where I’ve circled the town, which is located just above Johnson City.



The aunt lived by a lake and had a boat. The GF liked to water-ski and had a BF who liked to take stop-action pictures.



Tennessee highways offered me some photographic sights I don’t normally see in New Jersey:






So did a cemetery in Gray, TN.

From my site:

“I think this is my favorite funny shot, though I never found out why it says what it does. If you like this type of shot, there are towns in the US actually named ‘Boring’. Maryland has one. You can go there and shoot the Boring Library, Boring Drugstore, etc., and show your friends all your Boring shots!”




Back home: CBGB – despite its legend – was a terrible place to shoot a show. The one time I tried, the best shot I got was the bathroom downstairs (which made it totally worthwhile).

BTW – I added a bit to this in the 1983 post.


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