1982 – Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale


The GF had another convention to attend – this time in Miami – so we decided to stay in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break and also because I had 3 real shoots to do:

– Hall & Oates (opening act: Aldo Nova) in Sunrise

– J. Geils Band (opening act: U2!) in West Palm Beach

– New York Yankees Spring Training in Fort Lauderdale

We stayed in a nice-looking hotel that was right across the street from the beach: Stouffer’s Lauderdale Surf Hotel. I got to take a lot of cool shots without ever leaving the room (well, maybe not the first one):









Bill appears to be on his boat:























BIG smokers:





Pretty strong current for a swimming pool……….






Of course, I did have to leave the room, starting off with shooting the Yankees – a dream come true for a life-long Yankee fan. I got to shoot my hero, Mickey Mantle (ONE shot), Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and even boxer Gerry Cooney (I have no idea why he was there).

I have this shoot covered on my site, where you can find it listed under “New York Yankees”, but I did include one shot here that was especially meaningful to me: a candid shot of my two all-time favorite Yankees announcers, Mel Allen and Phil Rizzuto, who were sharing a laugh.



Back to the beach.

I hit the sand and shot the sights, which apparently included my feet. Then it was on to the bars, starting with cannonballs and teeny bikini contests.




















Counting her winnings. I think some of the girls were making a nice living winning every day.



Guess who won……..



That’s her prize? Unless that’s her boyfriend, she got gypped. Even then……



Finally, it was time for the highlight of Spring Break: the wet t-shirt contests (some of which sort of went beyond wet t-shirts at some point). I was kind of surprised that hardly anyone was taking pictures and more surprised that someone walking in with professional equipment was allowed to shoot openly with no questions asked.

Oh yeah…………that last shot. I think there was a contest to see who could stuff the most golf balls in their bathing suit, but – as you can see – it wasn’t the sexiest-looking contest that Fort Lauderdale had to offer.

I think the winner was offered a job retrieving golf balls from a water hazard at some golf course (and if you believe that……………).








Finally, we finish up Spring Break with a classic shot of a vehicle driven by the state’s best comedians.

Lotsa laughs in Florida.

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