1982 – Favorite photos of the year

The old, Deco-y Teaneck Theater that was 5 blocks from home when I was a kid had been recently converted to a multi-screen facility called Cedar Lane Cinema (and currently, “Teaneck Cinemas”):



I have no idea where or when this “each-segment-contains-a thousand-lines” fireworks picture was taken. Best guess is Ridgewood, NJ in 1982.



This “these-things-don’t belong-together” Corvette/Rent-a-John shot was taken at an outdoor oldies show in Vernon, NJ – a show I had been invited to by legendary DJ Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow) when he visited The Uncle Floyd Show (I was the UFS photographer). If you want to see/read more about this, go to bobleafe.com and find the Chuck Berry listing (he was the headliner).



In the early-to-mid 70s, I went to a lot of concerts at The Shaefer Music Festival in NYC’s Central Park. In 1977, it changed sponsorship and became the Dr. Pepper Music Festival. At some point, it was moved to Pier 84 on the Hudson River (right next to the Intrepid aircraft carrier at Pier 86) and I went to a bunch of shows there in the 80s, where they ran until 1988.

In September 1982, the GF and I rode our bikes in Manhattan. After checking out the Intrepid from the street, we rode over to Pier 84. The concert series had already ended for the summer. I had only seen this place full of people, so this desolate-looking shot was one I had to have.



Across town by the East River, we found this car that looked like it had just fallen off the Queensboro Bridge:



Lastly, I have no idea where I took this photo, though I’m guessing it was early if that’s morning dew:


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