1984 – Favorite photos of the year

Drop a chipped yellow ceramic plate into a big pot of water and use the flash to catch the stop-action of the resultant splash.

I must have been bored that day.




This is my press pass for the first MTV Viewer Music Awards show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC in 1984. Remember Madonna in her “Boy Toy” wedding gown? I have shots of her in that gown and a lot of other artists from that night on bobleafe.com (I also got to shoot the 2nd VMAs).




From my site:

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, NYC 1984

The girls were undoubtedly advertising a new in-flight, company-produced beverage, ‘TWA Tea’. It must be a very dark tea because it left “tea moustaches” on the four of them.




The Eunice K. Leafe retirement photo (unused)

From my site:

Municipal Building, Teaneck, NJ

Mom, who worked for the town, asked me to come to a Council meeting to take pictures of her giving a framed photo presentation to the town. Afterwards, we went downstairs to her office and devised this shot.

She was EXTREMELY neat and organized, so, of course, I would have none of that. We thought it would be funny to all who knew her in town to show the anti-Eunice whenever she finally retired. It came out great (he says modestly) and she loved it.

Unfortunately, she suffered a serious illness 12 years later while still working and died 7 months after that, so we never got a chance to formally use this informal shot.

I made copies and gave them out to family members after the funeral. I also had one copy mounted and framed and this was presented to her co-workers, who promptly hung it by her vacant desk.

My absolute favorite shot of my mother, to whom I once had to pay a parking ticket fine (she worked in the Violations Bureau).


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