1989 – Favorite photos of the year

I’m posting these pix sequentially from January to November (it gets a little hot in August and September).



This is a shot of the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack, NJ:





I was hired to shoot stills during the filming of the band Accept’s video in the then-deserted Brooklyn Navy Yard. While walking around during a break, I got a shot of this police chopper and the Twin Towers:





At the opening of the new Ritz, which moved uptown from E. 11th St to W. 54th St in Manhattan – the site of the old Studio 54.




From my site:

Fifth Avenue at 18th St, NYC

A friend of mine, Caren Belle, a hot guitarist in local band Belle Skye, also did window displays for, among others, Barnes & Noble. For this “Celebrating The City” theme, she used one of my Manhattan fireworks shots (see photo 18-001 for situational description).

B&N never paid me for this usage and they never returned the print to me…………I wonder where it is.




I went to Detroit to shoot Bon Jovi and Skid Row in the Joe Louis Arena. This was taken in either the Detroit airport or the one in Newark, but I’m leaning towards Detroit.





I was in a local mall to shoot an in-store with the band Saraya and saw these girls who seemed to be all excited about paying to make their own mix tape. This technology seems like it’s a hundred years old. I think I took the picture because it seemed silly to me even then, since I was making my own mix tapes on a common, dual-deck cassette player.





There was an “adult” store in my town that had models for their lingerie shows. In advance of the shows, they would send new models to my apartment so I could shoot their promotional shots.

Nothing beats getting a call and 15 minutes later, a gorgeous, half-naked woman is posing against my living room wall.

Life is rough.






Hey – I’m very fair-skinned and don’t tan well, but this summer, I got the tan of my life. It never happened before or after, so I think I’m entitled to one good tan lines shot in my lifetime.





One of my better nights at the Cat Club, courtesy of Eileen Polk, who used to go out with Dee Dee Ramone.

Maybe she saw the previous picture.




I shot Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan at The Spectrum in Philadelphia. When I exited the arena, I saw that the famous statue of a singing Kate Smith was holding a couple of cans of Budweiser. It’s not the best shot of the statue (it’s just a flash and no other lighting), so I’ve added a daytime shot of it that I found online. I guess that if you’ve been pooped-on by some big pigeons, you deserve a couple of Buds.

God BLESS America!




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