1990 – Favorite photos of the year

Going in sequence once again.


Remember the commercials for Bounty paper towels – the “quicker picker-upper”? There was a waitress named Rosie, who was played by actress Nancy Walker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbBtq1RXiqc). This is where the commercials were filmed – Little Ferry, NJ – about 3 miles from where I live. Prior to the commercials, I remember the place as the Farmland Diner. I think it later became Rosie’s Farmland Diner and then just Rosie’s Diner, which was later bought, disassembled and trucked to Michigan.





A friend and toy collector wanted shots of his wares for a toy show ad, but wanted the image to attract attention. No better way to do that than to bring in my old pal, Donna.





So I’m in the photo pit at Madison Square Garden and ready to shoot Janet Jackson. I turn around and right there in the front row is Lawrence Taylor – Hall of Fame linebacker for the New York Giants.

Dunno why the scan came out a bit weird.





Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ (backstage). So you could do blow there as long as you didn’t pass out?





It was Fleet Week in New York City and I had been hired by Columbia Records to shoot their band, Heavens Edge, aboard the US Coast Guard cutter Dallas. The band played for the sailors in a show on the US aircraft carrier Intrepid (which is now a museum at Pier 86), so they were given this ride to (and tour of) Governors Island in New York Harbor. Having been a military base for almost two centuries, it was closed to the public, so we got to go where most people weren’t allowed (it was finally opened up to the public in 2003). As we were returning to Manhattan, I took this picture from the bow.





42nd St and 8th Ave in Manhattan is a GREAT place to lose your front bumper on a rainy day.





As the rose’s life flashes before its eyes, the vegetarian lioness unhinges her jaw.






As far as I can figure out, this photo of me and my agent, Virginia Lohle, was taken at an after-show KISS party at Charlie O’s at Madison Square Garden on November 9 by Todd Kaplan.

He could have waited until Ginny and I finished chewing our food.




DONNA! This girl was absolutely my favorite model. She was gorgeous, funny and always had a twinkle in her eye. The only thing she was lacking (thankfully) was a nun’s sense of prudery.

She worked in a club in Lodi, NJ, called Satin Dolls, which – in a previous incarnation – was a rock club called The Candy Bar, which I used to hang out in. Later, it became nationally famous as The Bada Bing on The Sopranos.

These two pix were taken within two days of each other in the middle of November on my roof and in my living room. Fortunately, it was a warm day on the roof (thank you, weather gods!).


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