1991 – Favorite photos of the year

Short and sweet this year.

Speaking of S&S, this young lady was the traveling companion of someone I knew who drove up from Philadelphia. I don’t recall this companion’s name, but we hit it off amazingly well. Then she climbed this ladder onto my apartment’s roof, though I’m not sure why.

Maybe to show how ripped she was?

Unfortunately, it was a one-and-done deal and I never saw her again.




This event was a daytime performance in Times Square by Alice Cooper. This woman who came onstage had something to do with the Howard Stern Show and her main function seemed to be bouncing around and throwing Frisbees to the audience.

At least Alice was good.




While we’re on the subject of Times Square gore-fests, this event on a different day would have made a great opening act for Alice.

From my site:

Freddie Slashes tourist………yada, yada, yada……..ho hum. Film at 11.




From my site:

Great Falls Chasm Bridge, Paterson, NJ

I met Tamara when we were both shooting the Clash of the Titans tour (Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Alice in Chains) at the Orange County (NY) Speedway. She was cute, fun to be with, and has the distinction of being the only Jewish girl to fill me with Christmas spirit.


She didn’t have much respect for police line tape…………



…………but that was because she was so damn strong:




She even made me pose for this picture because there would be two reflections of her in my mirror shades.




The Miracle on 34th Street was that I didn’t get run over while getting this shot and using a tripod while standing in the middle of the street to capture the Empire State Building in its Christmas colors.


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