1994 – Favorite photos of the year

From my site:

from my roof, Hackensack, NJ

Under the Red, White and Blue, Sears is temporarily red, white and blue.




My apartment sits by itself on the roof of an old apartment building. Normally, I shoot a lot from that roof, but for this shot I was up on the roof of the apartment to put me on a more equal plane with the steeple.

From my site:

“I tried to be clever and make the long string of a cloud appear to be coming out of the high-rise’s chimney, but took it a few seconds too late.”

Oh well………….even with that dismal failure, I still think it’s a pretty cool shot.




Plane hits plume. Film at 11 (I’ve GOT to stop saying that).




From my site:

One of my absolute favorite “from home” shots. Would you believe this was taken less than 10 miles from New York City?

The trees and the church’s cross (actually a double-cross on the Methodist Church at Summit Ave. and Passaic St.) are in Hackensack and the mountain (Garret Mountain) is in Paterson, 8-10 miles away.

Shot with a 600mm f/4 lens (borrowed from Minolta Corp. – thank you) on Kodachrome 64.




Remember that final career-related trip I mentioned back in the ’92 post?

It was a good one.

Bonhams of London held an auction of some of my work – complete with my own catalog – and flew me over there for the occasion.

When I’m asked for a brief description of my music photography archive, the reply is always “From Led Zeppelin to Liberace”, so that’s where the auction got its name.

The front cover of the catalog shows Jimmy Page from Zep (not my best shot of him) and the back cover shows Liberace (a little better shot).



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