1995 – Favorite photos of the year

This is an imperfect attempt at a double exposure on a slide of a nice sunset in the west and the moon in another part of the sky, taken perhaps a couple of hours later.

You have to frame the moon in the viewfinder where you think it will complement the sunset that’s already on the film. There are a few different reasons why this doesn’t work, but the main one is that the Earth’s clouds are behind the moon.




Although it’s much duller, this one works a bit better because it’s somewhat more believable, cloud-wise.




From my site:

I first saw the plane when it was at the bottom of the frame. I thought it might hit the moon, so I ran inside, got my camera, took test readings, and got this just in time.

Two things in my favor were the setting sun, which lit up the usually-unseen plane, and a lack of wind that kept the exhaust plumes intact.




“Batty Brits”

From my site:

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC

British music collectibles expert Ted Owen and the lovely Denise Dickson bask in the glow of their first visit to Yankee Stadium.




“Home Run in the Right Field Corner”

From my site:

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC

Here’s where my concert stop-action training came in handy.

If you look real close, the ball is actually on the fingertips of at least 3 people.


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