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Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ

Mom was a photographer too, so she had me document some of the things she had to go through on her way to Heaven.




This is about a mile away from me. I saw the sun setting and waited until it was behind the building’s framework and shot it through a bedroom window.

The building to its left is Hackensack Hospital (now Hackensack University Medical Center). The new building is part of HUMC and is known locally as 20 Prospect, where I’ve seen many doctors over the last two decades.

But I had no idea what it was then.

I’ve shown this picture to some of the medical personnel there and asked them if they know where this building is. They like the picture, but have no idea about its location.

“You’re standing in it.”




From my site:

This doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually a pretty cool shot! Remember the Hale-Bopp comet? That’s what that streaking white dot is.

I had tried earlier to get this comet on film from my roof, using a tripod – no luck. One night, I just set the camera up on my kitchen counter and aimed it where I thought the comet was and left the shutter open for 30 seconds and got it. While the shutter was open, a plane was coming in for a landing at nearby Teterboro Airport and its lights streaked across the frame, adding some much-needed color.




More plane lights from Teterboro streak across the sky as 5 lightning bolts – mostly blocked from view by a large storm cloud – streak down from it (the sky – not the plane). Shot from home.


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