1999 – The boat trip to/from Yankee Stadium

Before we get to the Yankees……..

This was taken from my roof.




Now on to the good stuff.

The story, as reported on bobleafe.com:

“A great day!

I decided to treat myself to a Yankees-Mets interleague game via NY Waterways ferry, which left from Weehawken, NJ in the morning, went south down the Hudson River, around The Battery (southern tip of Manhattan), and then north up the East and Harlem Rivers to Yankee Stadium.”

At that point, these pictures start.

On a crossover bridge from the dock to the Stadium, I took this pre-game shot (it’s even got a blimp).




Kenny Rogers performed before the game, though I’m hard-pressed to identify that figure as Kenny Rogers, who I have photographed before.




This is another shot where removing most of the color made it much more interesting (as if that guy didn’t stand out enough in the crowd). This update occurred in 2016.




All of the rest of the shots are post-game and are pretty much self-explanatory except for maybe which two bridges are in the Statue of Liberty shot (Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge) and the Brooklyn Bridge shot, taken right after we rode under it.

In the first one, you can see two boatloads of fans in front of us. Actually, I’m not really sure if the third from the last one was taken on the way to or from the Stadium. In either case, the boat stopped at South Street Seaport, which made for an interesting photo op from the boat.




Another question mark. This one HAS to be out of sequence because this is a Hudson River view (the Chrysler Building is to the left [north] of the Empire State Building). That might make it a morning view since there’s no sun on the facing building sides.























The last shot from that trip is one of my favorites. From my site:

“As we swung past the World Trade Center on the return trip in the late afternoon, I took this with a fisheye lens and an orange filter.”

Included in the photo are the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and a sailboat between the Twin Towers.


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