2001 – 2 Photos

I guess I didn’t shoot much in 2001. Of course, I DID shoot THE infamous event of 2001 from home, but that’s on my site under “September 11, 2001″.

Unless you’re from the Hackensack, NJ area, you probably won’t know Packard’s, which was a big, beloved store. In its last couple of years, they added this fish store, which added to the image’s color.

I took this picture just before they tore the 117 year-old building down and replaced it with – what else? – a Target store.





Staying locally, this shot was taken at the Holy Trinity Church carnival in Hackensack.

From my site:

The old Holy Trinity School that I attended from grades 1-4 used to be in this parking lot. I packed my equipment for the long journey there and hiked the 2 blocks.

There were 4 equidistant sets of lights on this carousel. I set the tripod up and mentally calculated how long 1/4 turn took (the time it would take for the lights to streak around and ‘connect’).

The horses went so fast, they were a blur and threw all the kids off to serious injury, but I got my shot with nice sharp backgrounds and everything else in motion.

Oh………..just kidding about the kids.


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