2002 – 2 Photos

I hear fire engine sirens fairly often in this city. Most of the time, I hear both ends of the Doppler effect, but once in a while, the sound stays close and then ends………it’s nearby.

The majority of the time, the call is of little or no consequence, but not this Sunday morning.

So I went out on the roof and saw all this black smoke shooting straight up out of an apartment building that was less than a block away. Some flames are visible too.

No one was hurt. There were many immigrant families living there (some are gathered in the park across the street in the photo). Some lost their homes because part of the building had to be taken down.

I shot video and stills. The HFD accepted the video and said it would be used for training purposes and a print of this picture went on their wall of fires.

BTW – there were some nervous moments amongst the occupants of the yellowish building on the far left (a convent).

Lots of praying going on over there…………….and it apparently worked.




Speaking of fire………

From my site:

An absolutely stunning sky above my living room (center wall and behind big chimney).


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