2020 – Collections: Beavis & Butt-head

(ignore May 1, 2017 publish date – this was published March 5, 2020)

(this is proudly displayed behind the radiator in my living room)


Continuing the long line of serious topics, I bring you the guys who gave me a lot of laughs in the 90s, as they goofed on the videos of many of the rock stars I worked with for 20 years.

They dropped by for a shoot recently and while they were here, I gave them a preview of this project. Butt-head – the “brains” of the operation – provided a ringing endorsement:


They were not impressed that I taped every episode except the first one (“Frog Baseball”, which is available online):

……..nor did they care that I took notes on each episode and documented every appearance of them (and creator Mike Judge) on many other shows:

All they cared about was how much useless B&B crap I have.


“Plenty! Let’s start with your movie”. I proceeded to tell them the true story about a friend of mine in NYC who went to the movies one day in 1996 and bought popcorn and a soda, which came in containers that promoted the upcoming “B&B Do America” movie. He knew I was into the show, so he brought them home and dropped them off here the next time he visited:



Next, I showed them a promotional piece for the $14.95 home video and my copy that shows a $16 price tag for a pre-rented video (which I didn’t pay). I was waiting for them to start ragging me out for paying more for a rental than I could have for a brand-new copy…………but then I remembered who the math majors were that I was dealing with:


Then I brought out the pièce de résistance (“the WHAT?, uh-huh-huh”, they said in unison).

“The SLINKY! What did you think, dumbass?”


“No one else seems to have one of these – I can’t find another one online.”



“I also bought your intellectual publications that someone else obviously wrote…”:


“………….AND the CD of songs penned by everyone but you.”:


Late addition: just found this B&B calendar from 2000:

The pictures on the back show the monthly images – well-known “masterpieces” done B&B-style.


“Here’s a nice bit of fantasy taken out of the original bag just for this picture. I can’t imagine you guys EVER graduating high school.”

“Oh yeah? Well, uhhhhh……………you play with dolls!”

“Ha! I don’t have to – these dolls play with themselves.”


“So what is it with you big stars and Little League? You get in a flick (“Frog Baseball”) or Madonna gets in “A League of Their Own” and you get your own New Jersey Little League district pin?”


The guys took a bathroom break………..together(!) and took their sweet time. They were apparently admiring something in there that made Beavis declare quite loudly:

It probably had something to do with the 2 unopened rolls of B&B TP I’ve had in there for the last 20 years:


The last thing I showed them has been in storage for a couple of decades. Here’s the item:

The box it came in:

The remote:

The extent of their vocabulary (which you’ve heard throughout this post):

And the back:


The photo shoot? Only the best for B&B with state-of-the-art equipment:


You could tell from Beavis’ final comment as the boys walked out the door that he had a great time:





May 8, 2020


I recently came across this “Dopes-on-a-Rope” that I forgot I had. I have no idea where I got it (or why):


With a name like “Buttzville”, I’m pretty sure that’s where B&B live these days. It certainly looks to be up to their standards and there’s no chance that they’d ever score here. What’s more appropriate than a wood-working factory for two guys who are always working their “wood”?



August 20, 2020


Just found this behind a bunch of other useless crap……………..uhhh, I mean “valuable collectibles”:



August 23, 2020


Ditto 3 days later:




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