2008 – Favorite photos of the year

You’ll have to go back to the end of the 1998 post to read about this guy – the former Keef Leafe – and his strong connection to the Rolling Stones:




I have no idea when this shot was taken. There’s a ridiculous notation on it that says “late ’78 to early ’08″. I’m guessing it should say “late ’07 to early ’08″, but that still doesn’t tell me exactly when I took it, but in any event, I’m putting it in 2008.




This is from another 4th of July where I managed to get the two-blocks-away church steeple and the couple-of-miles-away fireworks from another town into the same shot (that town no longer has July 4 fireworks).

I’ve done better.


BETTER (may be from 2007):





I got a flip phone in 2007 and it actually took some semi-decent pictures.

This was an interesting lawn party. The upstanding gentleman on the right has a stick up his butt and two other people look like they need one.




Two roof puddle shots from July and October, respectively:






A quarter-lit tree:




My early 1970s formal wear. I recall that that music note was visible below my college graduation gown. And every one of those patches was needed. A special thank-you to Elaine Kolbek (O’Toole) for keeping those jeans alive.


NOVEMBER 11, 2020! Look what I just found:





A windy day is a good day to shoot the GWB flag and since it’s not always windy on the few holidays that it flies each year, this particular November 11 was perfect.

1. The Fort Lee Historical Park sits on the Palisades right next to the bridge and it’s a great vantage point for GWB photos.

The winged structure behind the bridge is the George Washington Bridge Bus Station.

It was fortunate that a Circle Line boat happened to come into the picture while I was shooting.

Y’all are familiar with the Little Red Lighthouse, right? It was sitting there for about 40 years before the bridge was built and there’s a 1942 children’s book called “The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge” that happens to be on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qsBv8xInQI




2. & 3. These are fisheye shots of the flag with and without wind:





4. Lastly, I took a flip phone shot of the flag from practically underneath it that may be one of the best pictures I ever took of it. I couldn’t find a larger copy of it, but if I do, I’ll switch it out.


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  1. Hay Vanessa Briscoe November 19, 2019

    Spectacular shots of the bridge and flag.
    No, I didn’t know about the red lighthouse!
    My bucket list is getting longer- thanks!

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