WHOWHATWHY (BobLeafe90zillionpicturesAgingEgo)

(That’s “Aging” – not “Raging”)

Some of you may know me from all the concert pictures of mine that were published in music magazines, books, etc., primarily in (and surrounding) the 1980s.

At various times, I was the house photographer for the following: WNEW-FM in NYC, MTV and venues where John Scher promoted shows, including Madison Square Garden, Meadowlands Arena, Giants Stadium, Convention Hall and the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ, and – my favorite – the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ. I was also the official photographer of David Bowie’s and John Lennon’s favorite US comedy show – The Uncle Floyd Show.

All of this and more is on my site (bobleafe.com) and is also well into my rear-view mirror. There’s actually a lot of non-music photography on my site that I’ve re-scanned here and I’m sure I’ll refer to it or direct you there from time to time.

While I’ve since taken lots of non-music candids that I’d like the world to see, I also took a lot of similar shots back in the day. I had always referred to these photos as my “fooling around stuff” because I never paid any attention to them – they were secondary to the music photography career that I LOVED (and that paid the bills).

So what’s this photo blog about? Basically, it’s my non-music candid photography life before, during and after the concert career (with a couple of musical items, life experiences and a non-candid photo or three thrown in). You’ll see a LOT of variety and – hopefully – some sort of photographic progression over time.

As I get older, I know that it’s now time for me to get everything out there (who else would do it?).

As you’ll soon find out, I know little about blogging, so this first attempt will probably go against whatever expectations you may have. Example: other than this page, all content consists of chronological posts by year – no “latest post first” – because this is to be read like a book. Finish the first post and then click the link for the following year and so on – that’s your navigation.

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE PUBLISH DATES UNDER EACH POST’S TITLE, such as “On May 1, 2017 – Uncategorized”. They’ve all been manipulated to trick the site into making the posts chronological.

There’s a fair of amount of reading involved. I’m descriptive, factual and history-oriented, but I also have a sense of humor (you think I could survive and thrive in the music industry for a couple of decades without one?). There are also a LOT of pictures – especially when digital begins in the 2011 post. Prepare for Scroll City.

But remember, this is supposedly a BOOK. Read/view it when you have time to sit down and get into it………hopefully, on a large screen (no photographer wants his/her work viewed in miniature).

BTW – I DO sell prints, but I’m not making this an active e-Commerce blog. If you have any questions regarding purchase or licensing (or anything else), contact me at bob@bobleafe.com.

You know I have to say this, right? Please be aware that ALL images and text within are protected by copyright and NOTHING is public domain. I’m no stranger to defending my copyright, so please look, but don’t touch. I don’t want to find my images anywhere but here.

As crabby as that sounds, please know that I’m happy to communicate with intelligent, positive people who also have a sense of humor, so feel free to use the comments section on whatever happens to catch your attention.

The first chapter awaits below…………….





  1. Pat Mahady July 24, 2018

    Checkin it out!

  2. Brian Ebner February 4, 2019

    Well there you are Bob!
    I have been combing the Interweb looking for you!
    Looking forward to catching up–have I ever told you about the time I photographed Dee Dee Ramone at the Chelsea? 😉


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